Mandy and Marion grew up just down the street from each other but didn't connect romantically until many years later.  They were reintroduced in 2014 and "sparks" flew.  They have decided to honor the love and commitment they have for each other in a simple ceremony with their two boys and their sisters as witnesses.

Both Mandy and Marion work and are attending college to further their education and careers.  When they are not working they are spending time with their boys, and their dog.  They lead a simple life filled with love and positive energy, towards all they meet.  

With school, children, and everyday bills we all know money can get tight, which means that what we dream of for a wedding isn't always possible.  When it comes down to being able to afford fancy dress, food, decorations, photography, etc... or rings, they choose rings (who wouldn't?!?).  

When it comes to a honeymoon their ideal trip would be to Bar Harbor for a few days to connect and enjoy the beginning of their journey as a married couple.  Bar Harbor is perfect for them - the ocean, hiking, natural beauty and tranquility. It however doesn't necessarily fit their bank account.  

This is a place where you can, if you are so driven, support Mandy and Marion's ideal start to their marriage and help them create some wonderful memories in Bar Harbor of their first days as a married couple.  I know they would welcome any assistance with love and sincere gratitude.  

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